Who I am

Mohammad Hosain Al-Mutairi Legal adviser and lawyer certified with the Ministry of Justice and member of the International Court of Arbitration Holds a Master’s degree in law from Michigan State University-United States of America.Holds a Bachelor of law “Sharia” from the University of Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic Sharia branch in Al-Ahsa. Head of Legal Affairs Department (formerly) Saudi cultural Club in Michigan State University in the United States.I have experience in drafting contracts, Incorporation of companies and skill in the Pleading to the competent authorities to resolve the conflict.

Law 9


Our mission lies in moving to establish the right, the justice, support the oppressed and the oppressor injustice rebuttal by our powerof knowledge and evidence, and also provide the best solutions and consulting for all types and forms of cases in all courts, committees and whom be concerned to equity, separating and resolving contentions as well as to provide all the services concerning establishments, companies and providing the services for all segments of community members, establishments and companies.

  • Real Estate Cases

  • Commercial and companies cases

  • Incorporation of Companies

  • International Arbitration

  • Labor Cases

  • Households and Families Cases